KEEP IT SIMPLE simplifies the logic and practical rules of graphic design for you and teaches them in the shortest period of time. A web developer whose excessive enthusiasm and interest in design caused me to write this book using the rules of web development.


The main formula of this book is three geometric shapes: square, circle and triangle. By using the arranged formula, you will be able to design any type of graphic design. In order to effectively utilize this formula, it is important to first understand the logic and rules behind the three following key topics:

Art direction
Branding & Brand
Graphic design

Art direction?

Art direction is the widest area of the design, of course, It can be considered the spirit of design. In this book I simplify the art direction principles in the advertising and printing field.

Brand & Branding?

Just as a skeleton provides the structure and support for the human body, the creation of a brand requires a structured approach that defines its core values, messaging, and visual identity. Without a solid foundation, a brand can become disjointed and confusing, making it difficult for consumers to understand and engage with. By approaching brand creation with a clear and well-defined structure, you can ensure that your brand is cohesive, effective, and resonates with your target audience.

Graphic designing?

Graphic design can be compared to the organs in our body, each with its own unique function. That's why, this book will be focusing on the following sections: UI Design, Package Design, Brand Design, and Publication Design. For each section, you will have developed special formulations that will help you to increase your productivity and creativity ten times faster. I have also identified the specific abilities and softwares required for each section, which will be outlined in detail.

Inner abilities

Developing inner abilities is essential to creating valuable and logical solutions in our work. Improving our vision, sense, and understanding of community desires is crucial to achieving this goal. In this section, you will find visual aids and practical exercises that will assist you in developing your design skills for any cultural context. By focusing on enhancing our inner abilities, we can create work that is both valuable and effective.


Specific Plans and Strategies for Software Mastery To help you quickly master the necessary software skills for effective design, I have developed specific plans and strategies for the following software: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Blender, Keyshot and Figma

Note: Production and creativity in the shortest period of time has been the main building block of this book, for this purpose, additional explanations have been avoided.


  • Practical and visualized rules.
  • You will have a powerful portfolio
  • One year free mentorship
  • Freedom of pragmatism and creativity
  • Sharing the hidden resources